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An Automated Traffic Bot: Pros and Cons

It sounds like the perfect traffic solution – use a piece of developed code to get as many visits as you want to your website to carry out simple tasks.

But how useful is an automated website traffic bot? When does it help and when does it hinder your marketing strategy?

When Not To Use An Automated Traffic Bot

There are three scenarios where an automated traffic bot should not be used. The first is to do with the product, the second with your website, and the third with your marketing strategy.

When a bot traffic generator isn’t carefully designed to give you a range of options, it’s hardly worth buying. Simply getting bots to visit your site without any control has little point. As bots aren’t human, Google doesn’t approve of them being used to make your website look more popular than it actually is. While automated traffic bot generators aren’t illegal, they are not white-hat.

When you are unable to control your bot traffic, problems follow. A good traffic bot review always mentions adaptability to the user’s needs. For example, getting bots to click on certain ads or having them spend time on one or multiple pages. If you are considering using artificial traffic, make sure your selected service gives you the opportunity to tweak bot behaviour.

Another mistake is arranging for thousands of bots to arrive on a site with a limited bandwidth. As bots are often used to increase site popularity statistics, this will backfire if your website or server cannot handle the sudden influx of visitors – whether these visitors are human or not. If your site loads slowly due to increased bot traffic, this will lower your SERP position rather than boost it. It will also put off human visitors. You can, however, turn off certain elements to reduce bandwidth usage. The Diabolic labs traffic generator can do this automatically.

If your marketing goals are purely sales-oriented, bots are not for you. You cannot sell to an automated traffic bot – it is a piece of code without a credit card or wallet. Bot traffic should be used to increase popularity statistics that bring more human traffic to your site. Humans can make purchases.

When To Use An Automated Traffic Bot

When to use bot traffic

When your website and server can cope with large visitor numbers and when your marketing goals are clicks and SEO, a traffic bot generator can work near miracles. Unfortunately, some marketing agencies use bot traffic to increase real-visitor number statistics for their clients. A client can distinguish this type of traffic from real visitors with analytics software. Google algorithms, however, will find this difficult when an advanced traffic bot generator is used.

Let’s look at some correctly-used automated traffic bot examples.

  1. An Adsense site uses a traffic bot to earn money as PPC. At the moment, Google Adsense can’t distinguish Diabolic bot traffic from real visitors. If this changes, we’ll do our best to amend the code to avoid Adsense scrutiny. Of course, we can’t guarantee all of our bots will pass the Adsense test.
  2. While concentrating on organic traffic generation, you implement automated bot traffic as an SEO tool. With an advanced bot generator, you can toggle customer referrers, geo-locations, arrival times and bounce rates to simulate real user actions. This means the Google algorithm will see these visits as human interactions. A popular URL rises up the SERPs.
  3. If you post on social media, good traffic bot software increases views. It is perfectly possible to create a viral video or article through bot visits. Once your visibility improves, human visitors are much more likely to add to your view statistics.
  4. When one or more of your pages or websites is underperforming, you can use traffic bots to give them the attention they deserve. Each Diabolic Labs bot can visit up to three pages or two different domains over a 30-day period.

Diabolic Labs Automated Bot Traffic

With an advanced solution like ours, you’ve got a great product you can use in multiple scenarios. Our automated traffic bot reviews are positive because we’ve designed our product to work successfully with different client goals.

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