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How Do You Buy A Bot Traffic Generator?

Do you want to buy bot traffic to raise your URL up the search engines results pages? Or need large numbers of clicks or pageviews to generate revenue or increase authority? Your best bet is to purchase a bot traffic generator.

What Is A Bot Traffic Generator?

Web traffic generators send bot or human traffic to websites or social media accounts. Human web traffic generators redirect real users and are referred to as paid traffic services or web traffic providers.

However, anyone (with the right knowledge) can design a program that sends pieces of code (bots) to any URL you want. This program generates traffic from the air – it produces code that can be made to behave like real people. There are lots of computer nerds out there who are trying to sell their bot generator software. Because of this, it’s hard to know which is the best web traffic generator in the bot visitor niche.

What Type Of Bot Traffic Do I Want?

When you buy bot traffic, you probably want each bot to follow certain instructions. For example, how long individual bots or groups of 10 or 100 or 1000 stay on a page. You need to know they can access a landing page no matter what the device layout.

To truly seem human, bots need to arrive from real IP addresses – preferably a unique IP for each bot. This isn’t always the case with many bot traffic generators.

Bots can be tracked with cookies, just like humans. So you’ll need to get bot traffic with a large number of different fingerprints to stop browsers and crawlers from identifying them as bots rather than humans.

Another requirement is the use of top quality proxy servers (proxies) that shield IP addresses by acting on behalf of them. If lower quality proxies are used, bots might be detected by some tracking and analytics tools. Higher quality proxies (that cost the bot traffic generator supplier a lot of money) are residential or mobile – and so extremely unlikely to be detected.

Bot traffic volume is also important. If your server can only deal with 500 visitors a day, why pay for a million bots? A regular, smaller order also makes a much greater marketing impact than a one-off million-bot extravaganza. Many bot traffic generators count on quantity rather than quality.

Finally, you want as many bot control features as you can if you want to emulate real human visitors. For much of the web traffic generator software out there, these options can be limited.

For example, you’ll need to be able to set different bounce rate controls – if a very low proportion of your traffic bounces, this is unusual and might raise flags. Many human visitors land on a website, realise it’s not what they are looking for, and return to the SERPs. To make your bots seem human, you’ll have to make a percentage of them bounce.

Other adjustments include how long each bot stays on a page, how many pages a bot navigates to, whether a bot clicks or interacts with a page or not, how many bots visit at certain times (how many local human visitors will visit a local bakery website at 2 am?), the countries your bots pretend to be from, and specific bot traffic referrers (such as a social media network ad).

The higher the number of bot behavioural adjustments, the more your bots will act like humans.

Is A Bot Traffic Generator Right For Me?

Is bot traffic right for you?

Bot traffic generation is just another marketing strategy; your competitors may already be using them.

Ever wondered why a mediocre Facebook comment suddenly goes viral? Bot traffic. You will certainly recognise interactive bots that have been programmed to leave comments – a bot’s sense of grammar isn’t so great. And it’s an extremely common practice to buy likes, follows and human visitors. So why not bots?

The Diabolic bot traffic generator is an SaaS solution with all the features you need to generate human-like artificial traffic. The easy order form, low to high bot numbers and regular and emulated bots mean you are guaranteed to find the right plan for your business.

Bot traffic – when you can tell it what to do – can make a significant impact on your SEO strategy and boost revenue on PPC enterprises. As long as your server and site can handle the numbers, this extremely cost-efficient method of increasing website visitors has a deserved place in every marketing department.

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