Does this traffic count in Google Analytics?

How much traffic can I get per hour?
Depend of the number of threads you use, with 50 threads you can get around 50 view every 10 seconds, 300 views/minute, 1800 views/hour

Do I need proxies?
No, the software download hundreds of tested proxies

Can I use my own proxies?
Yes, the bot can use private proxies with username and password

Can the software click in a specific part of the site?
Yes, with the integration of scripting you can simulate about anything in any webpage

“Plugin Container for Nightly” Error, how to fix?
Check if you have flash installed (Menu Help>Check Flash Player)
Uninstall firefox can fix this problem

Can I attain traffic from different sources like mobile, tablets, tabloids etc?
Yes, with the random user agents feature you can set to have any kind of traffic