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Quick Start


Register the software

Click in the menu item “Help” > “Register”. There use the same username and password that you have registered in



There are several modules that you can run with the software, for just send views/traffic select the module “Simple_Visit” It will show the specific boxes in the Module Data In this module (Simple_Visit) you fill the tab Url List with the URL's that you want to send the traffic the tab Referer is for send the traffic with referer url, this is optional the tab Source will show you the source code of the module, where you can customize if need

Use private proxies Check this box if you want to use your own private proxies, to set them go to the menu Edit > Private Proxies

Run in visible mode Check this box if you want to view the browser run the script

Minimum time to run the modules Insert here the minimum time to be in the website

Maximum time to run the modules Insert here the maximum time to be in the website

Number of threads to run Set the number of threads to run the modules simultaneous. Careful threads consume RAM

Number of times to run the script Set the number to stop when the software reach the number of views, if you set to 0 it will never stop

Never repeat the same proxy If checked the bot will only use the proxy 1 time when it finish all proxies will download more proxies, if uncheck will use a proxy randomly

User Agents

Check the browser user agents that you want to simulate when navigating, the software will choose one user agent randomly from the checked list


The proxies are download from our servers already tested Here you choose what type and country you want to use

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