We have closed since 07/2022. It's been an incredible journey, but unfortunately, we have decided to close at the end of July 2022.

If you are still looking for quality website traffic, we recommend you visit one of our friends: Maxvisits.com, Ultimatewebtraffic.com and Webtrafficgeeks.org.

We will still reply to any e-mails until the end of this month. Any active campaign will be processed until they're finished, as you can expect of us!

Thank you for being part of Diabolic Labs since 2014!


Generate 1 mln+ Visitor to any URL every month!

Improve your websites visitors stats with Diabolic. Improve pageviews, time one site, bounce rates, referrers and many more factors.

What is Diabolic?

Diabolic Traffic offers custom website traffic to any URL on the internet. If you plan to boost visitors, reduce bounce rate, increase clicks on a banner, you can use our service. We constantly improve our highly advanced traffic bot SaaS solution to cater to any type of request!

Need a custom bot developed? We are ready!



Buy traffic bot software, which is often regarded to be the best traffic bot solution
Well known in the industry
Active since 2014
No contracts
Awarded Best Bot
Traffic Provider 2020
Software as a Service
No Software to Install!
Mimicking Real Visitors
Diabolic Bot is an advanced bot which mimics real visitors (location, referrer & much more)
5.000+ Sales
The Most Popular Traffic Bot
Since 2014
Launched in 2014, improving each day
Main features
Unlimited Web Traffic to Any Website

Diabolic Traffic Bot generates unlimited web traffic to any website.

Improve your Time on Site

Visitors stay for as long as you want.
Boost your stats!

Set your own custom referrers

Generate traffic from any referrer,
including Facebook & Google!

Geo-target many countries

Set many geo’s. From which country
do you want your visitors to come?

Improve your bounce rate

You set the bounce rate!

Reports in Google Analytics

Your traffic will be reporting in Google Analytics

Email & Chat Support

We provide professional e-mail and chat support around the clock!

Connect to your RSS feed or Sitemap

Connect and have each page get visitors whenever a new page is published

What has happened with the downloadable Diabolic traffic bot?

Future development has stopped. We decided to focus on a SaaS version, which offers much more stability and options to improve our services for you. We now offer much more services, see all options on our pricing page!

I need support for the 1.0 download Diabolic traffic bot, what should I do?

Just contact us, we offer support until April 2021.

Help, I have an active Diabolic traffic bot 1.0 subscription, what should I do?

You can convert your subscription into free credits for our traffic bot. Simply fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you asap.

We'll send you an email giving you a login with free credits which you can spend. You should then cancel your auto-renewal subscription on PayPal if not yet done.

How can I buy Google Analytics 100% tracked traffic?

Simply select Google Analytics when ordering.

How can I buy Facebook referrer traffic?

Simply select Facebook when ordering.

How can I buy Twitter referrer traffic?

Simply select Twitter when ordering.

Why has Diabolic Traffic bot changes to a web-only SaaS service?

Unfortunately our .exe program has been cracked and given away for free on the internet. Due to this high level of piracy we were unable to support development of our bot. Also, we wanted to offer more features to our customers. That is why we launched this SaaS solution. We have seen positive user response to our beta versions, so we are confident you will like our new version. If not, please contact us and we'll help you out.

How can I buy a mix of social media referrer traffic?

Simply select the Social Media you want when ordering.

How can I buy Google referrer traffic?

Simply select Google when ordering.

What payment options does Diabolic offer?

We offer the following payment methods:

  • Bitcoin & other crypto currencies
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card payment
  • Upon request we can offer more payments options, please contact us in that case.
Diaboliclabs is also in partnership with crypto marketing services.

The Diabolic Team
We are Diabolic! Together with 3 developers, we are constantly improving our bot to your needs. Contact us if you have any special requests.
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Who Do We Work With?
partner Fiverr Resellers
partner Marketing Agencies
partner Arbitrage Experts

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