What we do

Our team started Diabolic Labs in 2014. We were one of the first to launch a downloadable file which allowed you to send artificial website visitors to any website. This was revolutionary at the time.

Since then, we’ve grown a lot. And so did artificial web traffic detection methods. This is why we have come with a fully new Diabolic bot, which was built from the ground up. Our new, highly advanced web traffic service allows you to send natural looking website visitors to any URL you want.

We are taking many factors into consideration to ensure the traffic suits to your needs, and is seen as natural. You can read more details on these points on our homepage, our blog and our FAQ.

List of our Service

At DiabolicLabs, we provide the following services:

  • Send targeted web traffic & clicks to specific URLs
  • Real user simulation
  • Bounce rate, Time on site control
  • More information on all specifics can be found here

Potential Effects

  • Ranking your products – Our service is often used to increase visibility on websites by sending traffic to those pages. People are able to rank an article in the Popular articles section of a website. Or rank their product on a platform like Etsy, Taobao or Amazon
  • Increased views – Our service is also often used by media companies from all over the world. By using our service, they increase views on videos, articles and other forms of media.
  • Higher engagement – We can give you a preferred amount of bounce rate, time on site and geo-location of our visitors. This enables you to improve the engagement in your favorite analytics solution
  • Popular social media followings – By using our service and setting social media like Twitter and Facebook as referrer, you can emulate a popular social media following in your Analytics solution
  • Improving your Alexa and Similarweb rankings – By using Diabolic, you can improve the rankings of your Alexa and Similarweb ranking
  • Increasing targeted clicks – Ours service can help you increase clicks on specific URLs or links on your page to help you reach your objectives

How Will These Results Be Achieved?

  • Simply fill out out our order form or contact us for a custom quote
    • Note: Each visitor you buy can visit up to 3 pages. You can buy as many visitor packages as you like. You can also spread the visitors on 2 different domains over a 30 day period.
  • Our tool will be set according to your suggested settings and we will provide you with an dashboard where you’re able to track progress of visitors and their characteristics
  • Keep in mind only you are able to track time on site and other on-page factors, as only you have access to the analytical tool on your websites
  • Upon approval we can work with you side-by-side on improving your Analytics statistics, by granting us view access! This is a special service for VIP clients only
  • Of course we work 100% discrete and never share any details about our clients with anybody.



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