Expert options

$0,00 for 1 month

Expert options

$0,00 for 1 month

  • *Target URL

    The URL where we will send traffic from traffic bot.

    Regular or Emulated visitors?

    More info on our pricing page about the two options

    Select the amount of visitors

    The more you select, the less you pay per visitor!

    Tell us where you'd like to receive traffic on.

    *Insert preferred referrers

    Insert up to three referrers. Many clients insert social media sites like

    Preferred bounce rate

    Select the range of preferred bounce rate. See the FAQ for more info.

    Note that we will try to optimise as much as possible for your desired setings, but results can vary based on the analytics solution you are using (Clicky, GA, Mixpanel, internal tool).

    Visit specific link on specific location on the page?

    You can create a chain of links by inserting multiple links.

    Insert URLs:

    URL 1:

    URL 2 (optional):

    URL 3 (optional):

    Note percentage which should follow this funnel

    Select your preferred amounts

    The remaining part will visit only the first URL

    Select GEO's users should come from

    Select your preferred GEOs

    *Start date

    • Select start date, min 3 days from today
    • Orders require us 72 hours to setup

    *End date

    Select any end date you prefer, 7-30 days from start date

    Spread visitors:

    Daylight (sunrise to sunset) time hours are based on

    Simulate which devices?

    Select the preferred settings

    Simulate which browsers?

    Realistic setting will mimic current world wide market share statistics

    Can we exclude certain options to improve performance and decrease load on the target website?

    We strongly suggest to select some points to reduce load on your and our server!

    We strongly recommend to exclude loading of certain elements. This will reduce bandwidth costs on your and our side, and it will ensure a more stable delivery of your order.

    Exclude loading of

    Usually Flash and images are biggest and won't affect your analytics in any way

    Order notes

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