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Top 3 Traffic Bot Software

Web traffic bot software is great for getting clicks on a PPC site and increasing popularity ratings for SEO. But not all traffic bot software are created equal.

When you decide to use bots for SEO and click revenue, it’s important to get plenty of options. There are lots of things to consider – time spent on site, number of pages you can get the bots to visit, bounce rate variations to ensure your bot traffic looks like real human traffic, and whether Adsense will block your bots or not (if you use Adsense). You also need to make sure no malware is included in bot code.

Use automated bot traffic generators to reduce bounce rates, increase on-site times, boost referral traffic, multiply page views, become visible on social media and soar up the rankings on Google and Alexa.

This traffic bot review looks at three of the best. Naturally, Diabolic Labs is top of the list. Why? Just read on.

Top 3 Traffic Bots

1. Diabolic Traffic Bot

The SaaS Diabolic bot traffic generator is different. You get a choice of regular or emulated (human-like) visits and then select according to the number of options you want to use – normal or expert.

With visitor numbers ranging from 10K to 500K, prices start at as little as $14.99/month. For bigger brands and agencies, the largest emulated expert plan is $1949.99/month (500K). By offering choices between visitor types as well as settings, customers create highly customised plans attuned to their bot traffic goals.

Normal settings offer a long list of features such as tested footprints, various detections (GA and Shopify, for example), 24/7 support, 99% Adsense safe bot traffic, top quality proxies, simulation of device, screen sizes, OS, footprints and timezone, and a unique user IP per visit. Expert settings add simulation for over 20 user agents, custom referrers, advanced scheduling options, the option to cancel at any time, website click path and custom time on site/visitor number/bounce rate control.

With the Diabolic Labs bot traffic generator, there’s no software to install. You get excellent service from a company awarded the Best Bot Traffic Provider of 2020 (and our attention to customer care and technology should earn us the same recognition at the end of this year). As a pioneer in artificial traffic generation, Diabolic Labs has continued to maintain its extremely high standards in this field.

2. Babylon Traffic Bot

This Website Traffic Generator similarly gives you control over bot visitors that arrive on your website. These arrive via dedicated servers or residential proxies – only residential proxies are undetectable. Dedicated servers can outwit Google Analytics but not all website filters. Even so, Babylon Traffic assures users that their traffic is 100% undetectable.

This service offers 4 Classic plans and 4 Premium plans. Premium plans all allow unlimited campaigns. Settings options are broad but not as broad as those of Diabolic Labs.

Classic and Premium plans only differ according to actions per day (APD) and campaign numbers; all include geo-targeting and support:


  • Newcomer: €29/month. 1,000 APD, 3 campaigns.
  • Standard: €59/month, 3,000 APD, 10 campaigns.
  • Professional: €99/month, 6,000 APD, 30 campaigns.
  • Agency: €149/month, 10,000 APD, unlimited campaigns.


  • Premium 20K: €249/month.
  • Premium 30K: €349/month.
  • Premium 45K: €499/month.
  • Premium 100K: €999/month.

3. Traffic-Creator Bot

The only reason Traffic-Creator doesn’t join us as number one is because it promises its bots are 100% Adsense safe. Such a guarantee isn’t possible as Google can make amendments at any time. There will always be a slight lag between a bot traffic generator update and Adsense changes. Traffic-Creator gets around this by not loading any ads which some marketing departments won’t want.

You get a choice of economy bot traffic that can often be recognised as non-human or professional bot traffic that arrives via residential IPs and so looks human. Traffic-Creator bots do not load videos and are not recommended for YouTube, Etsy and Fiverr. All bot traffic is fully trackable for your analytics program, from Google Analytics to the less common Liveinternet, Hitstats and Shorteners (with Professional plans).

Select a sized plan and then pick from Economy or Professional settings:

  • Nano: a free supply of 2K visitors and 6K pageviews of economy traffic with extremely limited options.
  • Mini: $9.99/month ($19.98/m Professional), 20K visitors with 60K pageviews.
  • Small: $19.99/month ($39.98/m Professional), 50K visitors with 150K pageviews.
  • Medium: $29.99/month ($59.98/m Professional), 100K visitors with 300K pageviews
  • Large: $59.99/month ($119.98/m Professional), 100K visitors with 300K pageviews and RSS/sitemap connect.
  • Ultimate: Professional only service at $199.98/month for 330K+ visitors with 1 million pageviews.

High Quality Traffic With Web Traffic Bot Software? It’s Up To You

As you will have noticed, there’s a difference between human-like bot traffic and bot traffic that looks suspicious. Always use the right type for your goals – plans with sufficient options usually allow you to mix and match. Chances are, at least some of your competition is using bot traffic. Make sure you always use the best generator for human-like actions to overtake it.

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